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Tips for Staging Your Home

Are you planning on selling your home? When selling, it’s critical that your home looks its absolute best for realtors and potential buyers to view. As they say, first impressions are everything!

Staging is a method of decorating your home in a way that accents the home’s most impressive features. Staging your home can make the space look cozier, more inviting, and help viewers to picture themselves in it more easily.

I have been in the Interior Design industry for over 10 years now. I have helped many clients stage their homes prior to selling. For each of my selling clients, I provide home staging for free, including a consultation, walk through with staging suggestions, and then a second walk through to ensure the home is properly staged PRIOR to any viewings.

If you’re in the process of putting your home up for sale, here are a few of my favourite staging tips:

Stage where it matters most

When it comes to staging your home, not all rooms are equally important. When potential buyers view a home, studies show the most important rooms are kitchen, bathrooms, main living areas and master bedroom. This makes sense as these are the rooms home owners are most likely to spend their time in!

Take away personal touches

I know, I know. The personal touches in your home are likely your favourite part. Keep in mind though, these memories are YOURS. Potential buyers want to see a space where they can create their own memories! Seeing yours everywhere may deter this. One good example of this is your fridge—it’s likely full of holiday cards, photos and other memories. This is something you’ll want to prioritize clearing off prior to viewings.

Minimalize, minimalize, minimalize

Simply put, leave room for imagination! If you fill the room with things, it will be hard for potential buyers to see the room. Use as many minimalistic, neutral items as possible.

Optimize lighting

Dark, lowly lit rooms are often seen as dreary, dull and unwelcoming. Optimize any lighting you can—natural and otherwise. Keep the curtains open, the lamps on and the home LIT.

Pay attention to furniture placement

When preparing your home for walk throughs, you want to keep as much open space as possible for potential buyers to browse around.

If you’re having trouble staging your home, looking for assistance, or require more information, feel free to contact me any time! Part of what makes me a well-rounded agent is my ability to also help client with interior design, staging and renovations after purchase.


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