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Get Your Home Ready for the Spring Real Estate Market

There is most certainly a cycle for the real estate market in our area. While things tend to slow down during winter months, the market starts booming again with the change of seasons.

If you’re thinking of selling your home this spring, here are a few value-adding renovations to consider prior to listing.

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades

If you’re a home owner, you probably already know that kitchen and bathroom renovations are some of the most daunting projects. This means that when people are looking to purchase a new home, finding one that already features a beautiful, “move in ready” kitchen and updated bathrooms is a HUGE plus.

Upgrading features such as sinks, bath tubs and appliances can make a huge difference in the eyes of prospective buyers. Another great aesthetic upgrade to consider is changing smaller counter tops to remnant quartz.

That being said, re-doing these rooms altogether might not fit into the timeframe or budget you’re working with. In this case, there are a few smaller upgrades you can do to help enhance the rooms without putting yourself out:

  • Painting cupboards white

  • Updating handles and hardware on cupboards and drawers

  • Adding a backsplash to your kitchen

Walls and floors

If there are any out-dated paint jobs or flooring in your home, swapping these out for something more neutral can make a big difference to prospective buyers. Removing any wallpaper and changing paint to a neutral grey, white or beige can add simplicity and modernity to the space. As such, so can removing carpet and installing a basic laminate or hardwood floor.

Around the home

There are small enhancements that can be done around the house that will make a noticeable difference to potential buyers. One prominent example in older homes is brick stoves. Many older basements feature a brick fireplace or mantle. Simply painting the brick white can add a modern flare to the entire room. Additionally, upgrading to new light fixtures around the home, painting interior doors white, and upgrading door handles or cupboard hardware are all excellent ways to freshen up the home without any major renovations.

Having worked in the Interior Design Industry for over 10 years, I have helped many clients stage their homes prior to selling. For each of my selling clients, I provide home staging for free, including a consultation, walk through with staging suggestions, and then a second walk through to ensure the home is properly staged PRIOR to any viewings.

I also offer home consultations as a business service, where I will take an hour walk through your home with you and address any design questions or concerns, make recommendations and assist you in finding a contractor to complete your projects if needed.

If you’re in the process of selling your home, it is absolutely worthwhile to consider making a few small upgrades prior to listing.

I was born and raised in Saugeen Shores. I’ve been analyzing the market for years and am familiar with every unique aspect the community has to offer. I am passionate about real estate and finding you your dream home. I also have a background in interior design. This means I can not only help you find the perfect home, but if the home isn’t move-in ready when purchased, I can help you envision its potential and work with you to make it your ideal space. If you’re selling a home, my knack for interior design will shine through when staging the home and adding finishing touches prior to listing. If you have questions about the local market, or are looking to buy or sell your home, contact me! I’m happy to help.


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