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Giving Back at K Interiors

I’ve always loved helping people find a spot in this world to call home. A major passion of mine is travelling to third world countries. I find the most fulfillment when helping to build homes for those in need. I have not had many trips where this was the focus thus far, but plan to work on that as we are able to start travelling again.

That passion is a large reason why I have created the career I have in Saugeen Shores. At K Interiors, we make it our mission to give back as often as we can. I love bringing things from fair trade companies that are handmade in other parts of our world to the people of this area. I am working on partnering with even more of these companies and hope to always have things from my travels for sale (all proceeds to go back to the community from which I bought them).

Here are a few ways we’re currently working to give back at the store:

Pokoloko LTD.

One of our most popular products sold at the store are our Turkish Towels. These light-weight throws are versatile, ethically made & incredibly stylish, and most importantly, you can feel great purchasing them.

Pokoloko because they make it their mission to be constantly giving back to communities. Did you know all of their products are hand crafted by independent artisans around the world? This provides these people with long-term income that is otherwise difficult to find. Most recently, Pokoloko was part of the Pucara project, which brought a week’s worth of food to 40 families in Pucara, Ecuador.

Milk Jar Candle Co.

Another supplier we absolutely love in terms of giving back is Milk Jar Candle Co. These 10oz soy candles are hand poured in Calgary, Alberta. Not only do we love that they’re Canadian and have no synthetic paraffin in their product, we also love that $1 from every candle sale goes toward a non-profit. They periodically change up which non-profit they feature, but it is always one to support children with disability.

Hand-Made Items from Around the World

Each time I travel, I try to bring in items into the store from the countries I am in, and send all proceeds back to where they were made.

For example, we currently have hand-made baskets in stock from Uganda. 100% of proceeds from the baskets goes back to Dream Share Uganda, a Canadian non profit supporting performing arts and quality education in Uganda.

I had the opportunity to participate in one of their service trips in 2019. I have seen the good that this amazing company can do and am thrilled to be able to continue supporting from Ontario.

DreamShare Uganda strives to advance education by repairing and maintaining schools in Uganda defraying teachers' salaries and providing them with teacher training. They work to advance the education of children in Uganda by providing schools with books, equipment, musical instruments other educational supplies and materials.

We are constantly working to bring in new companies that offer amazing incentives. Please feel free to reach out if you know someone who might be a great fit!


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