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Embracing Isolation in Saugeen Shores

Here we are again in our second COVID19 lockdown. While we’re all doing our best to keep a safe distance and follow the laws carefully, it’s normal to start getting frustrated, stir crazy and downright bored.

Here are a few different activities that can keep you busy (while still supporting our local economy).

Clean your closet

This year, there is literally no excuse to skip out on spring cleaning. Take a day or two to purge your closet. Toss the items that don’t fit, or don’t bring you joy anymore into the laundry and then start a donation pile. My mom’s rule of thumb is if you don’t wear it for a year, you don’t need it. Our local shelters could always use these items.

Once you’re done, your reward is a few items from Casual Corners, Mensch, the Cabana, Lac Boutique or any other local clothing stores!

Don’t forget to clean out your little’s closet too (and in this case, checkout Bicyclette Rouge or Livin Boutique).

Update home decor

Now that you’ve been sitting in the same room for a month, I bet you’ve nitpicked every little thing you hate about it… am I right? I’m right. At K Interiors, we’ve set up an online shopping page on Facebook so you can shop our décor from home. We are also offering online Skype consultations for those who need assistance switching up their space.

Local photographers such as Jill Schildroth Photography and Shelby Andrews Photography are offering some beautiful local images to their clients—a perfect way to upgrade your wall art while supporting local.

Stay fit

Not only does getting a sweat on a few times a week keep you busy for an hour or two, it also helps pump those positive endorphins. Tons of local gyms are offering online workouts or alternatives. Check out Fitness Funatics, Learn Fit or Mettawave Yoga for some inspiration.

Treat yourself

When you’re done working out, even out the playing field by treating yourself to take out or a treat. Sweet tooth? Try:

· Mill Creek Chocolates

· The Baked Vegan Co.

· Rabbit Dash

· Offshore Bakery

Looking for something savory (or a celebratory beverage for the workout you just crushed)? Try

· The Wismer House

· Rosina’s

· The Walker House

· High View

· The Queens

· And SO much more – most restaurants are still operating via take out or delivery, so do your research and check out your favourites!

We’ve got this Saugeen Shores, keep pushing!


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